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We will endeavour to bring you the heritage and family history of George "Sofos" Sofouli..

An introduction by

Irene Klimantis

The Sofos Family, was originally part of the Sofouli family.
As you know many brothers and sisters have different last names because they were changed for many reasons.

1) when someone became a priest their last name changed to Papas + their first name. i.e. the Papavasiliou family who owns kiotari bay was originally Plastroungis but when their grandfather Vasilis became a priest they became Papavasiliou.

2) when someone became a Hadji , in other words they made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and was bapitized in the Jordan river, their last name changed to signify this act. i.e. When Lazaros Piscami went to Jerusalem his last name changed to Hatzilazarou

3) sometimes the last names were changed to characterize where people came from. i.e. Appolakiatis (from Appolakia)Laoudikos (from Lluhl Turkey, Salakenos (from Salakos) etc.

Also many nicknames became last names.

Going back to the Sofos family.

During my research, I was told that the original Sofouli family had 12 brothers and sisters and yet this surname does not exist anymore in the village.
The one brother was a great thinker and they named him Sofos. Another brother was known for making perfect kamares (the archway in the traditional homes) and the italians gave him the name Margiellos (Margi means margin in Italian). Another brother was difficult to understand, when he spoke he spoke as if he was English and his name became Anglezos which today is Englezos (which means Englishman). No one in the village knows the names of the brothers and sisters, but the others were still Sofouli.

3rd January 2014
(Source Vasili Sofos of Parisia Messina, the story as told to him by his father Dimitri)

This is the story
In the year 1611 in the village of Sfakia Crete there was a man with the last name Sofadakis.
He was quite wealthy and owned 6 wooden boats.
One day when he returned from one of his trips, he found his wife in a terrible state.
He couldn't understand why she was so frantic.
Finally, he realised that his daughter, Ferniki, was kidnapped by the Turkish aga (Aga is a title given to a Turkish officer).
He kills 360 turks and escapes with his boats taking all his relatives (up to second degree relations.)
He was able to do so because it took a while for help to come.
They settled on the Peloponnese Peninsula in the village of Kiparisia (in the county of Mesinia) They changed their name to Sofoulis.
When turks seiged the neighbouring village of Veripopi (near Kiparisia)
They scattered across Greece. One went to Rhodes, others went to Halkiidiki, Thiva, Livadia, Ancient Korinthos and Kos.
Most Sofos have 0+ blood types.

"The Sofos family would like to acknowledge the research Irene has carried out on the Families of Asklpio"
Stamatis (Stephen) Sofos, Brisbane Australia

Family Dance the Sousta - a tribute to loved ones passed.
Rennie {Sofos} Johnstone Wedding Brisbane 2011

VIDEO - Traditional Rhoditiki Sousta


The Sousta: My father John Sofos would always complain about having to go to weddings and Greek dances in Brisbane, because he had sore legs, but when we got there and the sousta was played he danced and smiled, and he always danced with his sister Georgina, Uncle Vince would say to Aunt Georgina "You always complain your sore legs, but whenever the sousta is played you can dance with your brother"

Recently at our daughters, Rennie and Tahlia's weddings we asked the family to dance the sousta, it was our way of remembering loved ones that had passed, a tribute to the joy this dance brought our families" Stephen Sofos. 3rd November 2013

4E Video of Asklipio

The Sons and Daughters of George Sofoulis

George Soffos

2011 Florida Folk Heritage Award George Soffos was a widely recognized master of the bouzouki, a distinctive Greek guitar that is similar to the mandolin and belongs to the lute family.
A valued member of the large Greek community in Tarpon Springs, Soffos upheld the proud heritage of the bouzouki player as custodian and guardian of traditional musical culture.
The bouzouki is regarded as the preeminent instrument of traditional and contemporary performance, requiring a delicate touch, subtle ornamentation, and command of both the lyrical traditions of Grecian music and the urban traditions of the bouzoukia, or Greek night clubs. Soffos became a student of the bouzouki when, at 15 years old, he was sent to study with John Tatsapoulos, a master of the instrument. After that, he played in the bouzoukia of Washington D.C., New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Detroit, Miami, Nashville, and countless other cities, both in the U.S. and abroad. Upon returning to Tarpon Springs in the late 1990s, Soffos became one of the most sought-after performers at local festivals and nightspots. He was a mentor and supporter among the community of younger performers, and taught through the City of Tarpon Springs Greek Arts Initiative, which encourages the preservation and practice of Greek community arts. George Soffos passed away in 2013. .

Family Photos

John Sofos marries Dimitria Hatzisavas - Brisbane 1956

Kosta Soffos marries Stamatia - U.S.A.

George Soffos marries Zina, 1965 - Brisbane

Antonios Kostoglou marries Angelina Soffos,1964 - Brisbane

Peter Soffos marries Elefeteria Koubiadi - Brisbane

Georgina Stouppos marries Mick Michael - Brisbane